Top Tips for Saving More in 2020

Even small seemingly changes can add up to big benefits when you’re trying to save money. These tips outline some of these clever ways you can save more at home and on the road in 2020.

Save More at Home

1.   Minimize Drafts

Heat can quickly escape through cracks around doors and windows. Seal large windows with cellophane by taping it to beyond the window frame. For doors it’s best to use weatherstripping on the top and bottom of the door, as well as a silicone sweep for the space between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If your home is empty for most of the day, there’s no need to keep it warm and cozy. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature to drop once you’re out of the house, and rise again before you return. Dropping the temperature by a few degrees for 8 hours a day can lead to considerable savings. Just make sure to set the temperature up 30-45 minutes before you return, so you don’t come home to a cold house.

3. Clean your Fridge and Freezer

Since they are on 24/7, your fridge and freezer tend to consume more energy than all other household appliances combined. Clogged air vents can cause them to work extra hard to keep your food chilled, and eat up more energy than needed. Defrost and a clean on a regular basis, and keep the area around the vents clear at all times.

4. Block the Chimney

This escape route for warm air is often overlooked. Using a special chimney balloon to block the damper is a great way to minimize heat loss. Make sure you consult your fireplace specialist to ensure you get the right one for your needs, and install correctly. Just make sure to clear it when you light up a fire!

5.  Perform Regular Furnace/Hot Water Tank/Boiler Maintenance    

You can perform a basic cleaning on these units yourself by consulting the owner’s manual. If something doesn’t seem to be working right, don’t hesitate to call a professional for an annual inspection.

Save More on the Road

Looking for ways to save on the road? Here are our top 5 money saving tips for Ontario Drivers.

1. Take Advantage of Technology

Taking advantage of the benefits of technology can be a huge money saver when it comes driving. Smartphone applications can save you time, gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle. Check out the following applications:

  • Waze – traffic and trip planner
  • Gas Buddy – find gas stations in your area and compare prices to get the best deal
  • Uber or Lyft – ride sharing app to help you earn extra cash with your vehicle

But, don’t forget to go hands-free when using these apps. A distracted driving charge can cost you a licence suspension, fines or, worse – you could cause an accident.

2. Consider Downsizing

Do you drive a truck or SUV? The average truck costs approximately $3,000 in gas money every year. Downsizing to a smaller compact SUV or sedan can help save a significant amount of money at the pump.Switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle will save you even more. Also, hybrid and electric vehicles tend to be cheaper to purchase and repair vs. gas powered vehicles.

The type of vehicle you drive also affects your insurance rate. In general, a truck tends to be more expensive to insure than a smaller sedan or compact vehicle. 

3. Don’t Ignore Preventative Maintenance

Every vehicle requires regular maintenance to ensure it keeps running smoothly and safely. Keeping up your vehicle’s regular maintenance can help you save more in the long term. Ignoring scheduled maintenance can lead to bigger problems with your vehicle. Remember, a vehicle operates as one complete system. When one thing is out of order, other aspects of the system can be negatively affected.

If your engine light pops on or you hear a strange sound, be sure to get it checked immediately. You may wind up saving yourself thousands of dollars on what would have otherwise been a simple fix.

4. Practice Good Driving Habits

Violating traffic laws can wind you up with tickets, or worse. Not only do you have to pay fines associated with your violation, you may face increased insurance rates as a result. If you’ve been convicted of a serious offence or multiple offences, your provider may cancel your insurance. With a bad driving record, you will require high risk insurance. On average, high risk drivers can expect to pay up to 25% more for their insurance.

Additionally, erratic drivers tend to burn far more gas than drivers with more moderate driving habits. So, avoid sudden increases and decreases in speed to help save more than just your driving record.

5. Request an Insurance Policy Review

Have your coverage needs changed? Added winter tires to your vehicle? Call your broker for a policy review. Your broker will ensure your information is up to date to get you the best rate.


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