CAA MyPace

Pay-As-You-Go Insurance

Affordable insurance for infrequent drivers.

Mass Insurance now offers CAA MyPace, pay-as-you-go insurance for infrequent drivers.

If you drive less than 9,000 kilometres per year, CAA MyPace allows you to buy insurance only for the distance you need. It’s the perfect policy if you frequently use public transit and only need to drive occasionally.

With CAA MyPace, you pay a base insurance rate and only pay insurance for the kilometres you need.

There are ​four easy steps​ to use CAA MyPace:

  1. Call Mass Insurance​ to enrol in CAA MyPace and pay your base rate plus your first 1,000 kilometres.
  2. Install​ the CAA MyPace device in your car.
  3. Download​ the CAA MyPace App to your smartphone.
  4. Drive​. We’ll automatically reload your next 1,000 kilometres for you.

No Membership Required

You do not have to be a CAA member to enrol in MyPace.

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