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I have multiple properties, vehicles, toys, and I don’t have time to keep track of them all. Mass watches my account for me, gives me options almost before I know I need them. Jim Shirtliff | Personal and Commercial - 10 years
A few weeks ago, I had a pipe burst and I needed people to help clean up. My service rep recommended a great qualified contractor and, well I can't say enough about both of them, good old fashioned service. Bill Shearmur | Home, Auto, Health - 35 years

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We went with Mass in part because they offered us a good deal, but also because they believed in our organization. Professionally I find them outstanding to work with. Personally, I'm very happy with the service, real humans on the other end of the phone. Matt Trinnear | Personal, Auto and Program Manager for Ontario Senior Gaming Association - 1 year
What I like best is that when I call, they always know who I am. I’ve had the same broker since our first policy. Our broker was always able to give us a clear explanation of what our options were, plus where and how we could potentially save money. Katie Pardon | Home and Auto - 7 years

Work as a Team.

Save as a Team.

Group Advantage.

At Mass, we go to great lengths to ensure your employees or members get the best value for their dollar.

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